PFDM Symposium 2019  
THURSDAY, 24 OCT 2019  
13:30 / 14:00  
Visit to Highway and Airport Pavement Research Center  
8:15 8:45  
8:45 9:10  
WFT, HTP2, Rolling-Tire Impact Noise Tester  
Welcome Address:  
iSMARTi: Paulo Pereira, Univ. of Minho  
Int. PFDM Comm.: T. F. Fwa, Chang’an Univ. / Nat. Univ. of Singapore  
1st PFDM Symposium: S Han, Chang’an University  
Tea Break  
15:00 15:15  
Opening Address: Aimin Sha President, Chang’an University  
Session 1 Safety Related Surface Characteristics  
Moderator: F. G. Pratico, Univ. Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria  
Keynote Session  
Moderator: T. F. Fwa, Chang’an Univ. / National Univ. of Singapore  
1. Tire/Surface Interface Research at Ulster, D. Woodward and J.  
Ferguson, Ulster University  
Keynote LectureThermomechanical Aspects of Skid Resistance  
9:10 10:00  
2. Understanding specificity of skid resistant aggregates in  
pavement functional design and management, S. Tighe, L. Zhao  
and N. Li, University of Waterloo  
Kumar Anupam, Delft University of Technology  
Photo-Taking and Tea Break  
10:00 10:25  
3. Low-Speed Skid Resistance Measurement Comparison of  
BPT and DFT, X. Cui, L. Chu, T. F. Fwa and S. Han, Chang’an  
Keynote Lecture: Review of Tire-Pavement Noise Research and  
Development in Europe  
Ulf Sandberg  
15:15 18:00  
10:25 11:15  
4. Low-Speed Skid Resistance Measurement using WFT, M. Liu,  
Swedish National Road & Transport Research Institute (VTI)  
S. Han and T. F. Fwa, Chang’an University  
5. The skid resistance assessment in dense-graded asphalt  
concrete with stepwise polishing efforts and various film  
thickness of moisture, Y.-M. Su, J.-A. Wu, S.-H. Liang, G. P..  
Ong, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology  
Plenary Session  
Moderator: P. Pereira, University of Minho  
Introducing Chang’an University High-Speed Testing Platform  
-- HTP2 Operational Characteristics and Capability  
S. Han, Chang’an University  
11:15 11:45  
6. Functional Evaluation of Porous Asphalt Pavements, J-S Chen,  
National Cheng Kung University  
7. Smartphone application on roadway roughness evaluation, C-  
Introducing the Concept of Skid Resistance StateApplication in  
interpretation of HTP2 skid resistance testing  
P Chou, Y. Li, A-C Chen, National Taiwan University  
11:45 12:15  
12:15 13:30  
T. F. Fwa, Chang’an University / National University of Singapore  
18:30 21:00  
Welcome Dinner  
PFDM Symposium 2019  
FRIDAY, 25 OCT 2019  
Session 3 Pavement Surface Characterization  
Moderator: X. Chen, Southeast University  
Session 2 Tire-Pavement Noise Characteristics  
Moderator: Z. Leng, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University  
1. Possibilities of non-contact 3D sensors for pavement  
safety evaluation, Kelvin C.P. Wang, Oklahoma State  
1. Quiet pavement technologies: balancing their  
performance of time, F. G. Praticò and P. G. Briante,  
University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabriay  
2. Microscopic texture analysis on friction deterioration, C.  
2. Influence of concealed cracks on the mechanical  
impedance and noise of asphalt concretes, F. G. Praticò  
and G. Pellicano, University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria  
Pranav and Y-C. J. Tsai, Georgia Institute of Technology  
3. Evaluation of pavement surface texture based on the  
vibration response of electric mobility scooter, K.  
Tomiyama, and K. Moriishi, Kitami Institute of Technology  
3. The effects of delicate concrete pavement texture on skid  
resistance and tire-pavement noise, Y. Wang and W. Sheng,  
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University  
8:00 10:20  
10:35 12:50  
4. Evaluation of runways surface characteristics based on  
pilots’ subjective judgment, Y. Hachiya and Y. Tsubokawa,  
Fujita Road Construction, Co. Ltd  
4. Definition of tyre-road noise limits based on pedestrians’  
crossing decision making using virtual environments, F.  
Soares, E. Silva, P. Barbosa, F. Pereira, C. Silva, E. Sousa and  
E. Freitas, University of Minho  
5. Functionalized asphalt mixtures, Rocha Segundo, S. Landi  
Jú nior, P. Pereira, E. Freitas, J. O. Carneiro, University of Minho  
5. Rolling Impact Test for Tire-Pavement Nosie Measurement,  
6. Evaluation of wearing resistance of various concrete  
pavement texturing technologies by Aachen polishing  
machine, Z. Leng, D. Wang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic  
Y. Wan, S. Han and T. F. Fwa, Chang’an University  
6. In-Door High-Speed Tire-Pavement Noise Testing, B. Peng,  
S. Han, T. F. Fwa and L. Chu, Chang’an University  
12:50 14:00  
10:20 10:35  
Tea Break  
PFDM Symposium 2019  
FRIDAY, 25 OCT 2019  
Session 5 Pavement Condition Evaluation  
Session 4 Pavement Surface Characteristics  
Moderator: A.F. Nikolaides, Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki  
Moderator: D. Woodward, Ulster University  
1. Skid Resistance and Mountainous Road Safety Lessons  
from Road Safety Auditing of Expressways in Yunnan  
Province, China. D. Wilson, Auckland University  
1. Evolution Analysis of Pavement Texture Based on  
Polishing Tests and CT Scanning Technology, S. Q. Xiao,  
Y. Q. Tan, Harbin Institute of Technology  
2. The characteristics of velocity slopes of the pavement  
surface from traffic speed deflectometer device, G. W.  
Chai, S. H. Chowdhury and S. Manoharan, Griffith University  
2. Design and road performance study of UTAC-7 thin layer  
cover, W. Cui, K. Wu, W. Huang and C. Xu, Guangzhou  
16:10 18:00  
3. Evaluation of non-darcy permeability characteristics of  
previous concrete using xrct-based finite volume  
simulation, A. Jagadeesh, G. P. Ong and Y-M Su, National  
University of Singapore  
3. Asphalt concrete for very thin layers: A high performance,  
low cost, low noise and long-lasting skid resistant mixture  
for wearing course, A.F. Nikolaides, Aristotle University of  
14:00 15:55  
4. Measurement and Evaluation of Road Functional  
Conditions in Indonesia, B. H. Setiadji, Diponegoro  
4. Functional characterization of the road surface  
microtexture, M-T Do, V Cerezo and M Kane, IFSTTAR, AME-  
5. Pavement Condition Survey Practices for Airport and  
Highway Pavements in Singapore, J.Y. Tan and K. P. Drenth,  
Samwoh Innovation Centre Pte Ltd  
5. Investigation of the Dynamic Friction Coefficient between  
Tire and Pavement based on Tire-Pavement Dynamic  
Friction Analyzer. M. Yu and Z. You, Chongqing Jiaotong  
18:00 18.30  
19:00 21.30  
Closing Announcement  
15:55 16:10  
Tea Break  
Bus to take participants to Muslim Street and dinner  
HVS, Full-scale vehicle test track, World’s First Ancient Expressway of Qin Dynasty and others  
Full Day  
(Lunch and dinner will be provided)