First iSMARTi International Symposium on

Pavement Service Functional Design and Management (PFDM)

1st PFDM Symposium 2019

24-26 October 2019 Xian, China

About the PFDM Symposium. The PFDM Symposium is organized by the iSMARTi Technical Group on Pavement Surface Functionality. The main technical interests of the group will focus on promoting pavement design and management practices that would fulfil the functional requirements satisfactorily.Itis recognized that the conventional pavement design approach focuses on structural adequacy and durability, not giving deserved emphasis tothe functional requirements of pavement during service. Service functional design and management must be carefully addressed and planned so that a pavemen t would provide safe and satisfactory service over its entire service life. Such requirements include safe skid resistance, acceptable level of tire-pavement noise generated, adequate surface and subsurface drainage, and riding quality, etc. The PFDM Symposium aims to create awareness of the importance of pavement surface functionality considerations by promoting research and development, and providing a platform for interaction and exchange of ideas among pavement professionals.

SYMPOSIUM FORMAT. The Symposium will last for 3 days, including a day for technical visits. In view of the specific focus of the Symposium, there would only be one track of sessions (i.e. no parallel sessions) to promote discussion and interaction among all participants. There will be lectern presentation or forum discussion sessions.

TOPICS COVERED. Pavement skid resistance Tire-pavement noise

Pavement riding quality Pavement surfacecharacteristics

ABSTRACT AND PRESENTATION REQUIREMENTS. An abstract of not more than 500 words should provide sufficient description of the technical content and the significance of its findings. Authors of accepted abstracts will only be required to submit the final presentations in PowerPoint slides. No full length paper is required. Authors of high quality presentations will be requested to prepare a full length paper for journal paper submission.

SUBMISSION DEADLINES. Abstract deadline 31 May 2019

Presentation slides deadline       31 August 2019

All submissions are to be emailed to and

Symposium Chairs: Dr. T. F. Fwa, Distinguished Professor, Chang’an University, China

Adjunct Professor, National University of Singapore

Dr. Paulo Pereira,Professor, Minho University, Portuguesa

Symposium Secretary: Dr. Longjia Chu, Lecturer, Chang’an University

Organization CommitteeChair: Dr. Sen Han , Professor, Chang’an University     

Program Chair: Dr. Ouming Xu,  Professor, Chang’an University

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