Xi’an, China, 11 -12 November 2022  
Transport related developments in many countries of the Asia  
Pacific region have led to a number of environmental impacts  
and concerns over the likely consequences of these impacts.  
The national and regional transportation infrastructure  
developments and traffic operations in urban centres in  
particular, require careful planning so as to mitigate the  
negative social and environmental impacts.  
1st APTE 1998, Singapore  
2nd APTE 2000, Beijing, China  
3rd APTE 2004, Singapore  
4th APTE 2005, Xi'an, China  
5th APTE 2007, Singapore  
The online conference covers various modes of transportation  
(air, land and sea) and inter-modal operations. It addresses the  
social and environmental related issues of all aspects of  
transportation operations and infrastructure development,  
encompassing activities in different phases such as Planning,  
Design, Construction, Maintenance, Rehabilitation,  
6th APTE 2009, Shanghai, China  
7th APTE 2010, Semarang, Indonesia  
8th APTE 2012, Songhkla, Thailand  
9th APTE 2014, Colombo, SriLanka  
10th APTE 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  
11th APTE 2018, Malang, Indonesia  
Management, Research and Training.  
Ø Economic, social and environmental issues of transportation  
Ø Transportation safety  
Ø Impacts of land/sea/air transport operations  
Ø Control of transport-related air pollution, noise, vibration etc.  
Ø Transportation and land use development  
Ø Policy and management related issues  
Ø Traffic management  
Ø Demand management in road transport  
Ø Public transport and para-transit  
Ø Impacts of freight transportation  
Ø Pavement design  
Ø Road construction & maintenance  
Ø Pavement management  
Ø Road construction materials  
Ø Highway geometric design  
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